Monday, December 24, 2007

Farming My Girlfriend out for Sex

Looking for advice on training my girlfriend. At the moment, I'm not ready to have her out with others yet... but eventually I will.

This is what I'd like to have her eventually do... sex with strangers, gangbangs, bukkake, creampies... I would like this to be all be bareback only.

Would like to see her constantly dressed slutty.. and constantly (or as often as realistically possibly) be covered in cum (in as much as possible) and have lots of cum dripping out of her holes.

I also want her to learn to deepthroat.

She has a secret fetish of being a bad girl... wants to dress very bad out in public. She has had very little experience in sex, practically none prior to meeting me.

She is aware of my fantasies of sharing her with others, having her dress like a slut... gangbangs, etc... I'd like her to become a hot slut.

She is accepting of the situation, but is unsure of how she might like it... the thoughts do not excite her too much - yet. Though, she does find them to be interesting. She's accepting of the idea because it she knows it makes me happy.

I think the best way for you to realize these fantasies is to become a porn actor. You say she's accepting of the idea but not sure if she'd like it. Well. of course. And you have all these things you want her to do and learn. What in the meantime are you doing for her? Or is acting on all your fantasies all that she needs?

Here's what I'd suggest: roleplay. I know it takes some imagination to act out a gangbang with just you, but give it a try. Before you go all bukkake on her, see how she likes getting just your squirt on her face. Nothing wrong with her learning to deep throat...if it appeals to her. And if she really likes the idea of dressing slutty in public, there's nothing stopping her, it's totally safe (as long as she's with you), and might lead to her developing some fantasies of her own.

I'm generally open to the idea of anything any consenting adults wish to do. What's pissing me off about your letter is:

1. You appear to have a controlling personality and are looking to figure out just the right way to talk your girl into doing things she probably doesn't really want to do. Even a dom/sub relationship has to be rooted in equality to work.

2. More seriously, you want her to have totally unsafe sex with strangers. This is unacceptable.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

How to Please an Older Woman

Hi Aspasia, Smack and Al,

I am a 23 year old male and would like to know a few things:

1, What is the best way to please an older female (40ish)?

Best way to lengthen female pleasure for any age is to take your time. Do it slow. It's not all about penetration. Touch. Kiss. Massage. Flowers. Chocolate. Wine and dine your lady. She'll love you for it.

2, What is the best way to lengthen pleasure to a female?

see above answer.

3 Is pleasing a BBW different from pleasing a skinny woman?

No sugar. We all have a vagina, lips, soft skin, boobs and bits in between and no matter what size a woman's body, we're still suspectible to touch and smooching. I wonder if you think fat men react any differently to skinny men? No. They don't. Most men like touching and sex - full stop - same goes with women. Take your time with any woman and she'll make it worth your while - hopefully. BBW may not be as agile as a skinny girl. This means you might not be able to throw her over your shoulder and carry her to the bedroom for an act of ravishing, but apart from that, BBW are the same as our slender sisters. Most women all looking for loyal, kind men to love us.

4, How can a man who has a "skinny" body be able to please a BBW (in many ways)?

Kiss her softly. Massage her skin. Brush her hair. Cook her a nice meal. Take out for a nice meal. Buy her flowers. Buy her a gift. Spoil her like a queen. If she's a decent woman, she will not judge you on being a 'skinny body', if you treat her right.

5, What should I look out for when with a BBW?

I'm a tad confused by this question mate. Look out for? Nothing. Unless of course, she's married then look out for her husband! Treat her nicely, with respect. Ask her questions about herself. Pay attention. You gotta act like she's the reason you're living!

Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you soon and will ask for your advice again if any other questions come up.

I hope it leave us a comment on how you go, stud!

Lots of love

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Masturbation Frustration

Throwing this one to the readers; please help the girl by sharing your experiences.

Dear Aspasia and Smack

I am have a masturbation problem. When i masturbate i always start with my clit, and when it starts to throb is when i start to penetrate myself with my fingers or dildo. The thing is, penetration is not enough for me...I need to rub my clit at the same time. It is the only way i can cum.

I have tried to just finger myself or use the dildo with out rubbing my clit, but i cant. What bothers me is that i 'have' to rub my clit to have a successful orgasm. another thing that bothers me is that when my boyfriend and i have i going to orgasm? He has fingered me numerous times and I still must rub my clit to cum. He has tried each time without rubbing my cilt but it has no effect to me. What do i do?

I don't like having to rub my clit each time, i mean yes i like to orgasm but I would like to cum having other options to do so. Is there something that could help me?

Pornography Downloads

Dear ladies,

Are there any FREE educational or explicit sex acts on the internet that do not screw up any given computers or PCs without pop ups selling annoying security risks or trying to sell them by constant warnings and threats....???


Dear porn-fiend,

I actually find quite good and also quite good. XNXX has a variety of things on offer including he option for still shots and movies.YouPorn is great for longer films but mostly amateur users. You should be able to get software that blocks ALL Pop-ups, porn-related or not so maybe ask a friend who is internet minded to give you a hand.
If you're 'that' into your porn, you should consider paying for the site that you really love and avoiding the lot! After all, to clean your pc of virus and spy-ware (installed via pop-ups) is more costly than a subscription, no?

Keep us posted!

Enlarged Labia

Hi I'm Emma im 26 and have a good sexlife. I have a b/f and he says that if a girl has alot of sex you can tell by her labia being really big. This isn't true is it?


Sweet Emma,
No, this is not true. Labia come in all shapes and sizes and they are not determined by the amount of sex that has happened. If anything, they become dark and swollen when aroused or recent sexual activity has occurred. Boys make out like thy know all about our pink bits but they don't. Get some privacy and read more about them here then dazzle your boyfriend with the facts.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

At least he's not going blind!

Subject: Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome

I am a 23 year old guy, and I recently came across a website that talks about "traumatic masturbatory syndrome". Supposedly this syndrome is caused by masturbating prone (lying face down), and can cause multiple dysfunctions. This is starting to worry me, as that is the way I tend to masturbate. Is this a problem that really happens are is there nothing to worry about?

A worried guy

Dear Worried,

When I saw your subject line I thought this was going to be about repeatedly getting caught by your mother.

But now you made me do some reading out there on the internets, and there are definitely mixed opinions ranging from "it will definitely screw up your sex life" to "don't worry bub."

The issue is evidently that for some guys who jerk off in a prone position, they have difficulty having an orgasm when having sex with a partner, and may even have trouble getting an erection. Those guys have to stop masturbating this way and retrain their sexual response, which can be done successfully. So the experts are not saying you are physically damaging your ding-dong.

If you have a sex life with someone other than yourself and it is just fine, I would say you shouldn't be concerned, but be aware of any changes.

If you only "tend" to masturbate this way, that is probably a good thing as you have not trained yourself to respond to only one form of stimulation.

What I found interesting in this reading was the claim that most men masturbate while lying on their backs. That's how I first tried it and I found it does not work for me. My point is that we're all different.

If you have not been in a sexual relationship since you started masturbating in this fashion, I would encourage you to vary your routine, just as a precaution. You might discover some fun ways to make yourself happy that can eventually carry over to such a relationship. Try standing. See if looking at yourself in a mirror helps. Use your extra hand in different ways -- stimulating your nipples, balls, or any part of your body that wants it. See what the difference is whether you do or don't use lube. Also, even in the prone position, if you are lying on a hard surface such as the floor, try something softer like a bed.


Bigger Ain't Always Better


I have been dating a woman for a year now, and though we are relaxed and have fun in bed, there is a problem. She says that she has a unusually small cervix, and for her any attempt at intercourse and even fingers inside of her make her very uncomfortable. We have tried more lubricant, but it seems like we just can't have sex. Admittedly I am clumsy being my first partner which makes me uncertain at times.

I wondered if there was any way to help ease her discomfort. She said she had sex with other partners, but had a nasty breakup and didn't see anyone for 4 or more years, and now is more uncomfortable.

As I said , we are having a good time with good oral and hand work, but we both want to experience as much as possible. Any advice for an average guy?

Dear Average,

Since she is your first, there may be ways in which you are entering and thrusting that exacerbate this problem, and perhaps she has not told you this because she doesn't want to have to tell you how a particular ex did it that was OK. Same applies for your finger play. Though if you are using just one finger and aren't ham-handed, this sounds extreme. So ask her if she was comfortable with intercourse with past partners (not just whether she had it) and what was different that made it OK.

The idea that she was able to have sex four years ago and then can't again after a dry spell has some validity at first. Perhaps what's needed is very slow, very gentle stretching, without the goal of either of you finishing from intercourse for a while, but just making it part of the play.

Now there are couples that just don't fit well. But if you are correct in being average, it seems you both should do what you can to help her enjoy intercourse, otherwise she'll be the one girl on Craigslist looking for a smaller-than-average dick and will be overwhelmed with responses.

I'd also try different positions -- angle of entry can affect comfort as well.